With motorization, you can adjust your blinds, shades, and shutters with the simple click of a remote control or the LEVOLOR app.

Phone with App Open


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LEVOLOR’s Bluetooth® enabled app allows you to schedule your window coverings to adjust automatically on a timed schedule, when paired with the Premium 6-Channel Remote.

Our unique technology allows users to program a schedule on the app while they are within range of the window covering and remote, and it will still operate once they leave the home. However, the app can not be used to adjust the programmed schedule while away from the home. The device with the app must be within the range of the remote and window covering to change the schedule.


bluetooth Bluetooth technology is a short-range wireless connection between electronic devices. Users need to be close by or “within range” in order for the devices to connect and talk to one another. LEVOLOR defines “within range” as being in the same room.